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CARNIVAL JOB: Tailor and Costume Designer
JOINED: Right before Tourist Trap.


1ST CONTRACT: Working off damage she inflicted to a (already unsturdy!!) snack stand.

CONTACT: [ profile] akibara

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May. 29th, 2017 11:44 am
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FREQUENCY: 123.43210
DESCRIPTION: She'll probably respond right away!

LOCATION: It's right next to their front door.
DESCRIPTION: It's just a regular white metal mailbox!


May. 8th, 2017 11:38 am
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Name: Aki
Contact: [ profile] akibara
Other Characters:The Psionic, Lauren Tanner

Character Name: Marinette Dupain-Cheng
Age: 15
Species: Human
Canon: Miraculous Ladybug
Canon Point: After Season 1
Character Info: Wiki Page
Personality: Marinette would insist that she is just a normal girl with a normal life, but there are in fact a fair amount of extraordinary things about her. These Extraordinary facts make up the breadth of her personality and explain not only who she is, but why she was chosen to be a hero.
  • Extraordinary Fact #1: "I told you from day one, Tikki. I'm a total klutz!"
  • Marinette is exceedingly clumsy. It's almost supernatural how frequently the simplest misstep will end in disaster for her. She's frequently tripping, falling, dropping things, or knocking them over. Despite this, Marinette rarely seems embarrassed by her mishaps, instead she displays a kind of annoyed acceptance. Ironically her clumsy behavior fails to trip her up and she's usually quick to brush off these mistakes and try again, a testament to her emotional fortitude.
  • Extraordinary Fact #2: "I just... Couldn't say no."
  • This emotional fortitude is in large part because of the responsibility Marinette always feels to do good and be her best self. Marinette is an extraordinarily responsible person, especially for her age. Whether it's helping her parents at their bakery, stepping up to become class president, standing up for and comforting a friend, or simply finishing her own personal projects Marinette will do it. If she sees something that needs to be done, and she's the one that can do it she will. Even though her confidence hasn't always been high she's always stepped up to the plate to do what's needed of her despite her young age.
  • Extraordinary Fact #3: "I'm only gonna keep messing up."
  • Still despite her accomplishments Marinette remains an extraordinarily humble person. Maybe even too humble. Though she's constantly helping others Marinette's self-esteem can flounder. She worries frequently about whether she is the best person for whatever job she's assigned herself and frequently wonders if she truly did the best she could. She's quick to blame herself for any failure or upset and sometimes needs to be reminded not to blame herself for the faults of others.
  • Extraordinary Fact #4: "Sorry, but liars are losers."
  • Finally Marinette is extraordinarily judgmental. She's quick to make assumptions about others and stubborn enough to believe them despite evidence to the contrary. The best example of this is when she walked into her classroom to find gum on her seat, she immediately assumed the boy trying to remove the gum had placed it there even when he explained himself. She's seen making assumptions about others' thoughts and feelings in canon many times, and although sometimes her conclusions are right, just as often they aren't as people tend to be more complicated than Marinette expects. She can be particularly harsh towards people she feels are liars.

    Abilities: Marinette is an extremely talented designer for her age and skill level. She is particularly interested in fashion, but sewing isn't the only way she exercises her creative abilities. She designed the logo for her parents bakery, the album cover for world famous rock star Jagged Stone, and a derby hat of her design was featured in an ad campaign for fashion designer Gabriel Agreste.

    However, with the magic power contained in her earrings Marinette can transform into the superhero known as Ladybug. As Ladybug she is not only stronger, but has better reflexes, combat abilities, and increased endurance. Her suit protects her from all but the most severe physical damage and while she is transformed any pain she feels is lessened significantly. Her weapon is a magic yo-yo with an unbreakable string that she uses much like a lasso.

    The strongest ability Marinette has is her "Lucky Charm," an ability that gives her a random object she can use to overcome whatever difficulty she's facing. And I do mean random; various objects Marinette has received from her charm include, but are not limited to, a spoon, a chocolate popsicle, a bag of marbles, a microwave meal, a coin, and a small plastic case of glitter. However, once Marinette overcomes the villain with her object is when its real power is shown.

    By throwing her lucky charm into the air and saying the phrase, "Miraculous Ladybug" she can undo the damage caused by any villain she's defeated. It's an insanely powerful skill, but it has its limits. She can only use it if she's used her lucky charm to defeat a villain, and recovers the charm afterwards. Even then, it only undoes the damage done by that villain in particular. Additionally, once Marinette uses this ability she only has 5 minutes to defeat the villains before she transforms back into her normal self.

    Soul Colour: Pink
    Ideal Jobs: Tailor, Cashier
    Relevant Experience: She is an aspiring fashion designer and frequently sews and makes clothing. She's also worked the register at her parent's bakery.
    Reason for Joining: In classic Marinette fashion she accidentally destroyed something when she tripped and fell on top of it. She is working at the carnival to repay this debt.

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